Heds - one good, one not so adept.

Good - "Cline takes on thug cops" It uses active voice, identifies someone who's recognizable locally (the police superintendent, I think) and the phrase "thug cops," while normally unacceptable in a hed, is justified when you're talking about a burly police officer repeatedly punching a 115-pound woman.

Not so adept - "Google makes a 'hiss' terical search", a story about a large snake loose in Google's headquarters.

The hed tells me it's snake-related, but the concept of a snake loose in Google's office is so promising, I would've liked to see something more creative. Plus, the search wasn't hysterical, unless they were freaking out as it happened - plausible considering the snake is three feet long.

"Latest Google search: A python in the office" was CNNMoney's hed, and that makes me much happier.

It's a light story with no huge import, and the underlying premise is amusing - the perfect time to have some fun with the hed.

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