From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Love Shack challenges Johns Creek

If you didn't know that Love Shack is an adult novelty store and John's Creek is an Atlanta suburb, you'd think this was some kind of softball rematch.

From the LA Times:
Parents stand up and cheer as a $15 sneaker enters the game

This is a story about an NBA player who, like many others has his own line of shoes, but unlike others', his shoes are priced at about $15. The shoe's popularity seems to be defying the "snob appeal" that expensive shoes seems to have.

The headline is intriguing if you're not familiar with the story. It employs a clever metaphor for a familiar image of fans cheering as the players enter the arena at the beginning of each game.

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Ben said...

Not so great headline from today's Baltimore Sun:

City Council may put a lid on loud

Lid on loud? What does that mean? It's grammatically awkward. Story discusses noise ordinances, many other words that can be used instead of "loud."

Good headline from CNN.com:

Authorities: Teacher away, so kids have sex

Intriguing headline discusses exactly what story is about: fifth graders having sex when teacher leaves room.